If you are planning to dive during your visit to Kwajalein we salute you. The exclusive access combined with warm water, tropical marine life and plentiful ship wrecks makes for one of the best dive locations on the planet. Here are a few things to consider before getting into the water here.
If you are a certified diver you must go on a local orientation dive with someone from the Dive Supervisory Council (DSC) before you may dive in Kwajalein waters unsupervised.
If you have already completed your orientation, you must bring your c-card or other printed form of verification for the orientation.
You will need to join the club to dive at Kwajalein. The prices for joining the club vary depending on your circumstances. You can find the prices at the bottom of the KSC Membership Application. You can pay your fees and turn in all signed forms to the DSC member who you go on your local orientation dive with.
The other forms you will need to fill out and turn in are the KSC Membership Application the KSC Liability Release and the Safe Diving Practices form.
You can download, print and fill out the forms in advance to speed things up.
You may bring your gear, arrange to borrow some with your sponsor, or rental gear is available through several vendors on island. Check for rental vendor information on the DSC page. You may also purchase new gear at very good rates compared to US pricing and have a large variety of brands through the local KSC dealers on the DSC page of this website. If you will be taking scuba classes while here, some instructors may let you borrow gear for those classes. If you are interested in getting certified while on Kwajalein you should email the instructors to make arrangements in advance. Instructors can be found on the DSC list. They are the ones with (INS) next to their names.
The USAKA Regulation 385-9 Recreational Water Safety: Section 8.2.b states
Non-resident divers are limited to a depth of 50 feet during daylight hours only unless specific permission is granted by USAKA.
It is recommend when visiting and diving Kwajalein that you carry Divers Alert Network (DAN) Insurance.
This sounds like a lot of hoops to jump through but trust us when we say it is worth the effort.
After diving here you are going to want to flaunt this fact to all your friends back home. The items in the Dive Locker are excellent for this purpose.
Click here for a Skin Diver magazine article about diving Kwajalein.
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