Contact someone from this list for your mandatory orientation dive prior to diving at Kwajalein.
For dive lessons, contact one of the instructors listed below with a rating of 'INS'.
Dive Supervisory Council (DSC)
Name & Email Rating Agency PO Box Home
Specialties Taught
Ken Cleland PADI 51722 53291
James Edwards INS/O2 PADI 52902 O2
Mary Ann Edwards Assistant INS PADI 357 52902 O2
Michael Hayes INS/EAN/O2 PADI 153 52579 58135  
Dan Farnham DM PADI 718 55319 58988 EAN, O2, S&R UW Nav, Deep, Wreck, Night, Boat, Equip, PPB, Project Aware, EFR, Care for Children, Research, UW Photographer, UW Videographer, Drift, DPV, Fish ID. UW Naturalist
Doug Hepler INS/O2 NAUI 125 52681 52013 O2
Mike Larson DM PADI 2007 58120 58281  
Todd Lewis INS/EAN/O2 PADI 1036 53851 52137 EAN, O2, S&R, UW Nav, Deep, Wreck, Night, Boat, Equip, PPB, Project Aware, EFR, Care for Children, Aware Coral Reef Conservation
Cliff Pryor INS/O2 PADI 234 58757 52848  
Sharon Rice INS/O2 PADI 636 54122 O2, EFR, Project AWARE and PPB
Jimmy Severson DM PADI 151 54184 51502  
Dan Tibbles INS PADI  
Bill Williamson INS/EAN/O2/R PADI 869 54103 53096 EAN, O2 S&R, UW Nav, Deep, Wreck, Night, Boat, Equip, EFR, PPB, UW Naturalist, Fish ID, DAN Certs, Basic Life Support, CPR, Emergency Management, First Aid for Pro Divers, Diving Med 1, Diving Med2, Diving Med 3, hazardous marine Life, Neurological Assessment
DSC Members at Large
Jacob Larsen           Unable to do orientation dives
Matt Nash           Unable to do orientation dives
DM - Divemaster      INS - Instructor      EAN - Nitrox Instructor      O2 - Oxygen Provider      R - Rentals

Executive Council
Title Name & Email Home
President Michael Hayes 52579
Vice President Jim Edwards 52902
Treasurer Devi Williams 52579
Secretary Jon Bradley 51234
Safety & Training Officer Doug Hepler 52681
Chief Dive Supervisor Bill Williamson 54103
Dive Locker Bill Hadley 54127
Environmental Officer Cliff Pryor 58757

Event Coordinator Sharon Rice
MaryAnn Edwards
Facilities Manager Todd Lewis 53851
Tank House Managers Sam Engelhard
Jimmy Severson
Webmaster Tim Cullen 54365